It’s On Sale: Chester Mox At Massdrop

October 5, 2015

It’s On Sale: Chester Mox at Massdrop

One of my favorite companies for leather goods, Chester Mox, is on Massdrop this week. Massdrop, if you’re unfamiliar, is a site that organizes online bulk-order campaigns, which allows them to secure lower prices for their customers. Up this week: Chester Mox’s compact bi-fold wallets, available in five different Horween Chromexcel leathers (including two horse fronts, which is a nicely rich and supple material taken from a horse’s hips, just north of its rump, which supplies shell cordovan).

Bellanie, the woman who both co-owns Chester Mox and makes all of the company’s products, recently graduated from a well-renowned apprenticeship program. All of her stuff is now hand saddle-stitched, and her work is some of the best I’ve seen around. The stitching technique is the same as you’d find on Hermes goods, which have a slightly angled, hand-sewn stitch that’s both more durable (and I think better looking) that straight-away machine stitching. Her edges are also better finished than some of the leather goods I’ve owned from British heritage companies.

You can see the Massdrop deal here.