It’s On Sale: Bridle Leather Belts

January 3, 2015

It’s On Sale: Bridle Leather Belts

Equus Leather is having a 20% off sale on some of their most popular belt styles. The company specializes in making bridle leather goods – bridle leather being a very dense, smooth, and polished leather with a high oil content (don’t worry, it won’t get on your clothes). The material is traditionally used for making bridle reins for horseriding (hence the name). If this stuff is strong enough to hold a horse, you know it’s strong enough to hold your pants up. 

The company’s prices are a little higher than Narragansett Leathers’, who is our go-to recommendation for affordable belts. They do come with a little more detailing, however. The edges have a nice scored line, the keepers are squared off, and they have some very well-executed handsewn saddle stitching. Charlie, who runs the company, used to make a living in bespoke saddlery, but the market has been destroyed by foreign imports. Now he does small leather accessories and belts, and knows the craft quite well. I use his belts whenever I wear slightly more casual dress pants, such as chinos or cavalry twills. 

Discount applies to The Mayfair, Aspley, Bloomsbury, Pinewood, and Damascus models. You can get additional 10% off all purchases (including these sale items) with the code sm10%. All in, with VAT deductions, that puts these belts as low as $82. 

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