It’s On EBay – Joseph Cheaney Shoes – Sz 11 ½ / 12 US

February 21, 2011

It’s On eBay - Joseph Cheaney Shoes - Sz 11 ½ / 12 US

Still preparing to move, and I bit the bullet and listed the Cheaneys that were featured in Episode Two. Unfortunately they just don’t fit my feet – specifically my weirdly shaped right heel. If you wear an 11 ½ or 12, though, my loss is your gain, as I’ve only worn them half a dozen or so times. Put up a suit I don’t wear much, too. Also: tiestravaganza continues apace.

In response to several questions: I will gladly ship to Australia (eBay Power Lister won’t let me put that in for some reason.)

Start at $99, end next Sunday

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