It Has A Nice Ring To It

March 19, 2017

It Has A Nice Ring To It

A common saw amongst men adapting to new styles and clothes is that they aren’t sure if they’re a certain “kinda guy.” You’ve probably heard the refrain or even said it yourself at some point- something like “I don’t know if I’m a leather jacket kinda guy/ an Aloha shirt kinda guy/ a waistcoat kinda guy/etc.” One of the big ones that we commonly hear? Being a ring kinda guy. 

Even devout menswear enthusiasts can be slow to adopt jewelry and accessories beyond the bare bones like ties and pocket squares. Rings mean different things on different fingers, traditionally, and it’s often wise to respect the ring finger as reserved space for your significant other. Pinky rings are great for a little artistic flair or a signet, while your middle one can have big, bold jewels or huge faces. Worst comes to worst? You can slide them off pretty easily.

We have a ton of great rings from all over in the Put This On Shop that work for all kinds, from 10kt elegance to biker style. Try one on and realize that being a ring guy is just that easy.

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