Interested In Contributing To Put This On?

February 4, 2012

If you’re interested in contributing to Put This On, either on an occasional or continuing basis, drop us a line. We’re looking for both, on a paid basis.

Include a brief introduction, what kind of contributions you’d be interested in making, and include a sample piece that would be appropriate for PTO. This can either be a link to a previously-published piece elsewhere or an original piece in the 500-1000 word range. Take a look at our “Best Of” category for an idea of the sort of piece we like to publish. We’re looking for clarity, usefulness, surprising persectives and a pleasant tone. You can include a resume as well, if you’d like.

One further note: if you’re an expert in women’s style with a lively writing style, we’d love to talk to you, too. A similar note would be appreciated.

You can reach us at Use the subject line “I’m A Writer” so we can find your application.