I’m A Fairly Tall Guy And When I Tie My Tie I Find That It’s Shorter Than Desired. Besides Going Out And Buying Longer Ties Is There A Special Type Of Knot Or Other Trick I Can Use That Won’t Make My Rear Blade Super Tiny?

August 13, 2010

Just buy longer ties.  Lands’ End has some good inexpensive options that are of decent quality.  Sam Hober will make you a very high-quality tie to any length for about a hundred dollars.  In the meantime, tuck your rear blade. 

(This is really advice for men over about 6’4".  Up until that point, most regular-length ties will be fine, if less than ideal.  Just tuck the rear bade if it seems too short, and buy ties that are more like 60" or 61" rather than 58" or 59".)