I Took My Suit Pants To The Tailor And Had Them Hemmed Quite A Bit Shorter

December 13, 2011

I took my suit pants to the tailor and had them hemmed quite a bit shorter. I wore the suit to work today and had a couple of people say, “Oh, that’s a nice suit.” The thing is, this suit is two years old. I’ve worn it many times –even last week–around the same people who complimented me today. This is the first time someone has singled out this suit as being nice.

I can’t prove that having my too-long pants fixed made the whole suit stand out, but I’m offering this anecdotal evidence in any case. Tell your readers that taking that old suit (you know, the one you bought back before you started reading Put This On) to a tailor might make it look like a whole new set of clothes.

PTO Reader Clark R.