I Strongly Agree With Our Friend Here

December 13, 2011

I strongly agree with our friend here

I strongly agree with our friend here, GW. Most trousers these days either sit below or just at your hips. In my opinion, this gives you odd proportions and makes your torso look unnaturally long. It’s much better, I think, to have your trousers come up a few inches higher. 

I don’t necessarily wear my pants at my natural waist, but my waistband seam does sit above my hipbones. This means that the pants themselves come up to my navel. If you think this will make you look geriatric, look at these pictures and ask yourself – does GW look old or just better proportioned? 

Lastly, you should know that according to the Canadian Medical Association Journal, low rise pants can give you medical problems. Consult your doctor before wearing “hipsters." 


Yes – I sometimes tuck but always wear my pantaloons at my natural waist not on my hips.

*Hipsters are better for jeans or on women or boys..

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