I Need Some Help Finding A Durable, Comfortable Pair Of Summer Shoes

May 18, 2011

I need some help finding a durable, comfortable pair of summer shoes. As to whether they should be fashionable: I dress like a rich hobo – fitted terry cloth jackets; flowing, baggy jewel-tone silk tunics; baggy, pleated, high waisted pants in cottons and silks, frayed shantung cravattes with wing collared shirts, earthy linens – yet my color tone is very muted, for the most part. Normally, I wear alligators loafers or patent oxfords or opera pumps, but this summer I’ll be walking extensively along the Great Wall, and I need a more practical shoe suggestion.

A reader who has just set the gold standard for Put This On questions. If you can’t meet this standard, I’m not sure you should even type “contact@putthison.com” into your email “to” field. In fact, I may shut down this blog, because this question is so amazing that there is nowhere else to go.

(PS: My suggestions were jodhpur boots or desert combat boots.)