Broke And Bespoke

November 3, 2012

Broke and Bespoke

I just want to take a second to highlight Broke and Bespoke, a great tumblr, featuring a lot of “What I Wore” photos. Like another favorite of mine, The Thrifty Gent, the author posts almost exclusively thrifted and discount-purchased clothes. The Thrifty Gent is all business, wearing very traditional American styles. Broke and Bespoke has a younger, zippier style.

Someone emailed me the other day, complaining that when we write about “affordable” menswear, we often compare it to higher-priced stuff. Our goal in doing that isn’t to make you feel bad for not being able to afford to stroll into Bergdorf Goodman and buy a wardrobe at retail. Instead, it’s to help encourage folks to understand what’s good about good stuff, so they can recognize it at whatever price point they can afford… be it bespoke, Bergdorf or Bargain Barn.


Bow Tie: G. Fox & Co. English handblocked silk foulard, thrifted $4

Shirt: Uniqlo university striped OCBD, $15 (grand opening sale)

Sweater: Banana Republic merino wool v-neck, clearance $20

Jacket: Joseph Abboud “American Soft” line, thrifted $12