It’s Cold In Narragansett

December 28, 2012

It’s cold in Narragansett

I agree with all of the below, though I’d note that if I recall correctly, they close in the depths of winter. It’s cold in Narragansett.


A Great Value in Custom Belts: Narragansett Leathers

Narragansett Leathers makes some of my favorite belts. The one pictured above is a fairly recent purchase, and is their 1 3/8” Hoof Pick Belt. It costs $47 (one of Narragansett’s pricier offerings), and is made from top-grade American-tanned bridle leather. While $47 isn’t the cheapest price on a belt that you can find, it is certainly, in my opinion, one of the soundest investments you can make on a belt that I’ve ever come across—especially when you consider the fact that each belt is custom made to order.

The belt I’ve worn nearly every day for the past two years is Narragansett’s 1” belt in Chestnut leather with an oval brass buckle. The leather has aged beautifully and shows no sign of giving up the ghost any decade soon, and it only cost $34. I’ve got my eyes set on one of their Pelikan Hook Belts for purchase some time in the near future.

The ordering process is relatively simple, and quite quaint in today’s age of impersonal ecommerce. It involves easy instructions for measuring a belt that you currently wear, which you then email to Alan McKinnon (who co-owns the business with his partner Ann Marie) along with what belt model, leather width, and buckle style you want. Alan will then respond with PayPal instructions, and once you’ve made your payment he makes your belt, which will arrive on your doorstep in a matter of weeks. 

I highly recommend getting yourself a Narragansett Leathers belt. They’re beautifully crafted, built to last, and priced honestly.