How To Find Your Hat Size

November 21, 2013

How to Find Your Hat Size

Our new Put This On Ballcaps are fitted, and I’ve been surprised at how many folks don’t know their hat size. If you’re one of them, finding your size is easy. Here’s how:

  1. Measure your head. This is easy to do with a soft tape measure like the one above (you can buy one in the sewing section of the 99 cent store if you like). You can also just use a string and then measure the string. Measure where you’d wear your hat – generally a few inches above your brow in the front and around the widest part of your skull in the back.
  2. Divide the measurement (in inches) by pi. Pi, if you’re keeping track, is 3.14159. (Well, it’s longer than that, but that’s more than enough.) You’ll get a number – probably 7 and some fraction.
  3. That’s it. That’s your hat size. Your hat size, essentially, is the diameter of your head. (Of course your head’s not a perfect circle, but nobody likes a pedant.)

Or, if you don’t like doing math, you can start with step one, then skip to alternate step two: googling “Hat Size Chart.”

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