How To Find A Tailor

July 27, 2010

One question we get frequently here at Put This On is: “what tailor should I go to in XXXX,” where “XXXX” is a place where we don’t live.  Because we don’t live in XXXX, we honestly don’t really know what tailor you should go to there.  I can tell you that I go to Pro Tailor on 8th Street in Los Angeles, and I’ve heard great things about Wilshire Tailors if you’re looking for something a little ritzier, but that’s only useful if, like me, you live in central LA.  Since Los Angeles is the only city where I live, you’re going to need a different strategy if you live somewhere else.

So: what to do?

Go to Style Forum or Ask Andy, and use the search boxes.  Search for tailor and XXXX.  If you live near a city of any kind, it’s likely that someone has asked for tailor recommendations in that city.  If they haven’t, you can ask.

Don’t trust Yelp on this one – Yelp tailor reviews tend to be from women looking for a seamstress and people whose sole criterion is the cost to hem a pair of pants.  Trust people who actually care about good tailoring.