High Rise, Slim Leg Trousers Around The Corner

July 2, 2015

High Rise, Slim Leg Trousers Around the Corner

One of the questions we frequently get in our inboxes is: “where can I find a slim legged, higher rise trouser?” It’s not easy. The market is mostly bifurcated with low rise, slim legged pants on one side, and high rise, fuller leg models on the other. There aren’t a lot of options in between.

If you’re OK with a mid-rise, I really like Howard Yount (specifically the made-in-the-USA stuff, as the Italian line is a little too slim for me). They’re competitively priced and come in a wide range of colors and materials. Dapper Classics and Epaulet are also worth a look. If you’re able to pay a little more money, check out Panta, Ring Jacket, and Rota. All three are exceptional.

If you’re dead set on a high-rise, however, then there’s Brooks Brothers Black Fleece. I find the seat to be a little full, but if you have a little more going on in the … ahem .. trunk, then you may find that they work for you. They come with a somewhat silly-looking locker loop at the back, but you can have a tailor remove it for not too much money.

Ralph Lauren also used to have something called their Preston cut, which used to be my favorite model. The company switched factories last year, however, and then revamped their entire trouser line. I don’t know what the styles are like now, but you may want to stop in for a look. Just remember that you can always slim a pair of pants from the knee down – so just get something that fits well in the thighs.

There are also two projects in the works. One is being organized by Christian over at Ivy Style. Details are still to be determined, but you can imagine them being inspired by the sort of flat front pants American men used to wear with soft shouldered tweeds. The first run will be done in a khaki cotton, although Christian hints at the possibility of custom in his post.

The Knottery is also releasing a couple of chinos this month – one in navy, the other in khaki. Made in the USA, these feature adjustable side tabs and flat fronts (the company tells me they’re working on a single-pleat version for fall). Price will be $150.

For guys who like a longer leg line, there’s hope around the corner.