Hey, Jesse. My Friend From Korea Recently Showed Me An Excellent And High-quality Backpack From Said Country. The Styling Was Vaguely Reminiscent Of A Military Themed Knapsack And I Instantly Fell In Love. My Question Is Where Can I Obtain A High Quality Backpack Or Knapsack (is There A Difference?) For A Reasonable Price That Doesn’t Make Me Look Like A Dork Or A Bike Messenger. I’m Trying To Mature My Style For College And I Just Feel Like My Jansport Doesn’t Cut It.

August 12, 2010

We love the new knapsack by Archival Clothing.  We also love Duluth Pack and Filson.  All are made to the highest standards in the USA and will last close to a lifetime.  There are also some decent imported options at LL Bean.