Hertling Trouser Sale

February 6, 2020

If you’re looking for a good pair of trousers on a budget, you can hardly do better than with this Hertling sale. Recently, our sponsor LuxeSwap took a trip to the Hertling factory and bought a bunch of their overstock and samples. The trousers are now on sale on their website. Prices start at just $65, although most pairs hover around $100. That’s less than what J. Crew charges nowadays.

We’ve written glowingly about Hertling’s trousers before. The Brooklyn-based factory has manufactured for top-end clothiers such as Paul Stuart, J. Press, Sid Mashburn, Billy Reid, Orvis, Epaulet, and our sponsor Dapper Classics. Their trousers are constructed from quality fabrics, which are often sourced from reputable European mills. They also feature all the things you’d want: generous seam allowances, inner waist curtain, split-back waistband, tacked reinforcements, and an unfinished length so you can get these hemmed however you’d like.

Some things to consider before purchasing:

  • Be Careful With Fit: Since these are being offloaded at low prices, LuxeSwap can’t offer measurements (the margins are too low). That said, the product descriptions show three fits — relaxed, straight, and tapered — and Hertling’s website has a PDF with measurements for each of those fits. No guarantee that those measurements correspond with these specific pairs of pants, but you can take your chances. Also note that, if you’ve bought Hertling-made pants from companies such as Sid Mashburn, Epaulet, or Dapper Classics, they may have specific cuts that are exclusive to them. Don’t assume that all Hertling trousers are cut the same.
  • Know What Can Be Altered: When buying trousers, the most important part of fit is the rise, seat, and thigh. It’s fairly easy to let out or take in the waist by one size. You can also taper the legs from the knee down. After that, things get a little dicey.
  • Color/ Material: Remember that light to mid-gray wool trousers will always be your most versatile pair of pants. After that, it can be useful to have a few pairs in various shades of tan. Something like these taupe wool trousers can be worn with sport coats in navy or dark brown. Darker trouser colors, such as chocolate brown or navy, are typically better with casualwear or with lighter-colored sport coats (navy trousers go well with sport coats in cream, tan, olive, and grey). Since classic men’s style tends to be focused on the shirt, tie, and jacket combination, it’s also usually easier to wear trousers in solid colors, rather than patterns.
  • Discount Codes: LuxeSwap is offering a deal. If you purchase three or more pairs of pants, you can get free shipping with the checkout code MOREPANTS. If you are buying five or more pairs of pants, you can get 10% off your total order with the checkout code NEWPANTS.
  • Final Sale: It should go without saying, but these are final sale.

Lastly, for readers in New York City, LuxeSwap is holding a trunk show tomorrow at No Man Walks Alone’s showroom (located at 336 West 37th Street in Suite 310). They have a trade-up program, where you can give your unwanted clothes to LuxeSwap and get No Man Walks Alone store credit in return. The program is pretty simple: after you give LuxeSwap your clothes, they auction them off for you on eBay. You get the purchase price minus auction fees and LuxeSwap’s 40% cut. If you’re willing to take that money in the form of NMWA store credit, however, they’ll lower their cut to 30%, and NMWA will top off your profits with an additional 10%. The store credit gets posted in a few weeks and never expires. Naturally, since Luxe-Swap only trades in high-end clothing, your clothes have to be up to snuff. But they take a wide range of goods, from tailoring to vintage to streetwear. You can read more about their program in this old post.

* Note, while LuxeSwap is a sponsor on this site, this isn’t a sponsored post. Our editorial policy is pretty straightforward.  

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