Great Value At Berg & Berg’s Mid-Season Sale

October 25, 2019

Great Value at Berg & Berg's Mid-Season Sale

As the middle of the fashion market is getting hollowed out, a lot of what’s left on the field is either high-end luxury or high-street. For guys who want something in between, Berg & Berg offers uncommonly good value. They were founded about ten years ago by a husband-and-wife team, Karin and Mathias Berg, in Oslo, Norway. Today, they operate out of an old fire station just outside of Stockholm, Sweden.

Berg & Berg’s clothes are current without being trendy, classic without being fusty. They’re well-made without relying on artisanal gimmicks. Most of their products are produced in European factories, often ones based in Italy, and don’t skimp in terms of materials. Over the years, I’ve purchased Vachetta folios from them, as well as silk ties and polo shirts. Pete also has some trousers and knitwear, and says he’s been happy with everything.

From now until Sunday, they’re having a sale, where you can knock 20% off any order with the checkout code vip20fall. While Berg & Berg is based in Europe, their online prices are the same for customers everywhere (in other words, don’t expect a VAT discount). On the upside, their shipping prices are exceptionally reasonable. For shipping to the United States, it’s about ten bucks, or free if your order is over 225 bucks or so. Some highlights from their stock that I think are particularly worth mentioning:



Polo Shirts: Over the summer, I bought one of Berg & Berg’s Claes polos. It was an impulse purchase — something I found on deep discount and figured I’d give a try. Since then, it’s become a favorite in my wardrobe. The polo doesn’t require much ironing, which means you can wash it and let it hang dry, then shake any wrinkles out with a knock or two. And since it doesn’t require any ironing, you can throw one of these on when you don’t have time to press a button-up.

The knit feels exceptionally soft and silky — much better than the more common pique cotton varieties you find littered in every mall. The one-piece collar also sits upright when layered underneath a tailored jacket. I like it as a lazy and more casual alternative to button-down shirts. However, I find the sleeves to be unusually long, so perhaps factor in $20 for alterations. The placket, at times, could also lay flatter, but it’s hardly a big deal. Like Berg & Berg’s other knits, these run very trim. Double-check measurements and consider sizing up. The navy one this season is the one to get, I think.

Ties: There are some small things you can nitpick about Berg & Berg’s ties. In the past, I’ve seen some ties from here where I thought the hand-rolled edge could have been better executed (in the product photos, you can see how they’re a little wavy). But for $105 at full retail or $85 on sale, they’re an exceptional value, much like the rest of the company’s line. These are lightweight, handsewn, and constructed in Italy. The rep stripes are all very handsome and tasteful.



Overcoats: At full retail, these coats hover around $1,000 — $800 on sale — but they look exceptionally well-styled. Cheaper coats today are often a little skimpier and shorter. Berg & Berg’s are a bit more classic and dramatic looking. The raglan sleeves on these coats make them easier to fit, which lowers the risk of returns. They also use really lovely materials, such as overcoatings from Fox Brothers and Harris Tweeds. You can find cheaper coats these days in similar designs if you thrift, but for something new and readily available, Berg & Berg’s options look great.

Cashmere Scarves: I know $177 is a lot for a scarf. But cashmere ones in this size, 70” x 20”, are hard to find for much less. With a larger scarf, you can create more volume around your neck, which both keeps you warmer and often looks more attractive. With the coupon code, these come down to $141. I like the lightweight cashmere ones in tan and navy. The finer yarns allow you to get that large size while still having the scarf be manageable when worn.

Knitwear: Basic knitwear is one of those things where you may not want to drop a lot of money, but you also want something that’s reasonably well made. Berg & Berg has crewnecks, turtlenecks, and even gently brushed Shetlands that hover around $150-ish with the discount. Again, like their polos, check measurements and consider sizing up. If you’re looking for something versatile, get a color that contrasts with your most worn pants. So, grey with blue jeans or navy with grey flannels.

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