Good Memorial Day Sales Abound

May 23, 2019

Memorial Day is this coming Monday, and it’s the unofficial start of summer. Leading up to the long weekend, stores everywhere are holding sales (some going as deep as 40% off). Here are six good deals if you’re looking to do a little spending and saving this weekend.


De Bonne Facture Terry Cloth Polo: $130

Check out how amazing this guy looks in this season’s De Bonne Facture terry cloth polo. He looks like he’s about to sit in some paradise garden with peonies, avens, and geraniums in riotous colors, as well as an overgrown woodland that frames both a nearby lake and a not-so-distant Neoclassical mansion. A restored gazebo provides him with some much-needed tranquility. Oh what’s this? Just my pristine, bone-white chore coat that I’ve slung over my shoulders to keep me warm. That’s the life I want to live, and it’s available for a mere $130 if you shop at Unionmade’s 40% off sitewide sale (code WOW40). $130 is for the polo only, no gazebo.


Dapper Classics Trousers: $116+

Dapper Classics, a sponsor on this site, is one of the few places where you can get quality trousers at a relatively affordable price. Most trousers around the $100 price point aren’t terribly well-made, while high-end pants commonly reach upwards of $400. Dapper Classics sit somewhere in the middle of that spectrum — $200-ish for made-in-NYC pants that are constructed from the same fabrics used by bespoke tailors. Starting Saturday and lasting through to Memorial Day, they’re offering 20% off all purchases with the code 19MW. That puts stylish summer options such as the taupe Frescos at $188, tan linens at $156, and stretch chinos at $116.


Oak Street Bootmakers Shoes: $197+

Oak Street Bootmakers is a small, Chicagoan company offering heritage-styled footwear made in the USA. Their summer sale right now has work boots, derbies, and moccasins marked down as much as 40% off (considerably deeper than their usual 25% off promotions). I like their trail moccasins ($197) and camp mocs ($225), which are made from Horween’s famous Chromexcel, a pull-up leather with a wonderful depth in color. They also have suede penny loafers ($257). The company is most known, however, for their work boots. I think their single-sole leather Trench boots ($340) would look better with a slightly thicker sole, but you can have a cobbler add a thick Topy for about $20 to get the same profile. Or buy these studded Dainite field boots for $280, which have that heavier looking profile out-the-box.


Eastlogue Battle Field Pants: $199

I know what you’re thinking. “Cargo pants are bad!,” you scream. “No one human being needs that many pockets!” Trust me, more than just extra cargo space, I’ve found that cargo pants can be great for creating a unique silhouette (silhouette is also totally a word someone wearing cargo pants would say). Over the last year, partly inspired by an outfit I saw on Kiya of Self Edge, I’ve been wearing an olive pair with tan field coats and black double riders. This navy pair from Eastlogue is slightly less militaristic but will lend the same cool pants vibe (John Mayer recently made a very good case for this). The concealable pocket drawstrings at the back say you like Craig Green, but need to look appropriate for a normal non-NYC creative-industry job. Namu Shop’s storewide 30% off sale knocks these down to $199. Use the code MEM30.


American Trench Socks: $8/ pair

American Trench makes some of my favorite casual socks. Their fall/ winter boot socks, which are made from wool and silk, look to be sold out at the moment (if they come back, I recommend snagging a pair — they’re really good). But I like these retro-styled striped cotton socks they have for summer. They seem like they’d go well with workwear and Americana, denim and work boots, Champion sweats and mountain parkas. For Memorial Day, they’re holding a storewide sale, where you can knock 20% off any purchase with the code HELLOSUMMER. The socks are $10 if you purchase just one pair, or $8 a pair if you purchase a pack of three.


LL Bean Boots: $108

Who’s screaming “STOP WEARING LL BEAN BOOTS” outside my house? Show yourself, coward. I will never stop wearing LL Bean boots. You can get your own pair right now at 20% off. Use the code SUMMER.

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