Get More From PTO!

February 7, 2012

Get More from PTO!

In case you haven’t been paying attention, there are two great ways to get more from Put This On.

The Put This On Gentlemen’s Association

We travel the world, finding fabrics to make into pocket squares for the Put This On Gentlemen’s Association. Then they’re cut and finished by hand in Los Angeles (really by hand, with a pair of shears and a needle & thread) and sent across the globe every other month. Memberships start at just $45 per square, which is about 40% less than you’d pay in a store. We take a very small markup on these pieces, but we love to make them, and we cut out the middlemen so we can share them with you for a very reasonable price.

If you sign up for a year’s membership, you not only get half a dozen squares, your first order comes with a white linen square, which (while our stock lasts) is made from deadstock Irish linen from the 1950s.

You can sign up for the Gentlemen’s Association here. And you can even give the Gentlemen’s Association as a gift!

The Put This On Inside Track

Many of our readers write to tell us that one of their favorite Put This On features is our eBay Roundup posts. We spend hours and hours every week combing the auction site for rare and unusual men’s clothing and accessories.

We make three lists every week. Two of them we post for our hundreds of thousands of readers to peruse, but one of them is only accessible for members of the Inside Track.

Membership in the Inside Track is cheap – just five bucks a month. You’ll save many times that every time you buy something… and the money supports our editorial efforts her at PTO.

Sign up for the Inside Track today.