Shacket By Freeman’s Sporting Club

May 21, 2010

Shacket by Freeman’s Sporting Club

One of the garments I wear most is my “shacket” by Freeman’s Sporting Club.  If you’ve never had the pleasure of stopping in to this New York Men’s emporium, I’m sorry to hear it.  Certainly they’ve received a lot of attention for being very “on-trend” in their orientation – they sell classically styled clothing, both in suiting and outdoor wear, and they have some taxidermied animal heads on the walls.  That’s no reason to dismiss them, though.  Their clothes are flawlessly executed – just beautiful, beautiful stuff.  Expensive, too, but really lovely, and of consistently high quality. 

Freeman’s had previously offered a very limited selection online, through Refinery 29, but today they opened a new online store.  Take a look, and maybe you’ll find a simple, perfect piece to build your wardrobe around.  Between now and 6PM on Memorial Day, they’re offering 15% off – email to claim your discount.