For A Few Years, I Used An Old Nylon Zipper Bag For My Toiletries

December 15, 2011

For a few years, I used an old nylon zipper bag for my toiletries

For a few years, I used an old nylon zipper bag for my toiletries. When I say old, I mean that truthfully – this number was from the late 60s, and had crazy psychedelic designs on it. When that bit the dust, I grabbed a simple zip bag from Muji, but I wanted something more than plastic.

After a lot of fruitless searching for something suitable at a reasonable price, I ended up grabbing a Jack Spade waxwear dopp kit from Gilt. It was a bit more expensive than I’d like, and I’d have preferred it didn’t have a big Jack Spade logo patch on it, but it’s very good looking and has served me well. (By the way: if you’re looking for simple, mid-priced, solid-quality accessories, you can do worse than Jack Spade on Gilt. Good selection, usually, and nice products.)

If Archival Clothing had been offering this Archival Dopp Kit back then, I probably would have bought one for myself. The team there always works hard to remove unnecessary BS from their designs and to get every detail right. The result is a beautiful form and exceptional function. Sixty bucks isn’t a pittance, but frankly it’s cheap for something made exactly right. That’s how Archival do it.

(And they just put out a cool-ass duffel bag, too.)