Follow-up: Harris Tweed At Walmart

December 27, 2012

Follow-up: Harris Tweed at Walmart

Last week, we mentioned select Walmart stores were stocking Harris Tweed blazers for $75, but having not seen them in person we asked you – our wonderful readers – for your impressions.

About a dozen of you responded with your thoughts (several of you were kind enough to snap photos) and there were a few common threads from a majority of your responses. 

  • Sizes ranged from 38 to 50, some in short or long sizing, too. 
  • Almost everyone was impressed with the fabric and there are three types of fabrics: charcoal herringbone, blue barleycorn and oatmeal barleycorn.
  • Several found the shoulder sizing to be problematic. Some sized down to get a better shoulder fit (because of the extra padding that increased the shoulder size). Meanwhile, others couldn’t find a size that worked because of the excessive padding or shoulder divots, which turned into a deal breaker. 
  • Another issue in regard to fit was the boxy cut of the chest area, meaning most will have to make a trip for alterations. 
  • Buttons are plastic, not leather. 
  • A few people mentioned the wooden hangars were perhaps the nicest part of the whole deal. Easily, the hangar might sell for around $25 by itself at retail prices. 

While no one was able to give me a highly-detailed summary of jacket construction (frankly, I wasn’t expecting anyone to buy one and start doing a teardown of one), several readers mentioned they bought one and were pleased with it for the price. Others said they would’ve considered it if the jacket’s fit wasn’t problematic for them. 

Overall, it’s impossible to recommend a jacket at any price if it doesn’t fit (especially in the shoulders), so definitely give them a try on and be honest with yourself if it looks and feels good while wearing it.

(Thanks to everyone who wrote in and to Christopher and J.W. who sent in photos.) 


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