Five Lightweight Jackets To See You Through Unreasonable AC Settings

June 15, 2018

Summer is here! That means camp collar shirts and linen trousers, penny loafers and breathable canvas sneakers. If you’re going to work, it also means bringing along a lightweight jacket, as apparently no one today knows how to properly set a thermostat. When the temps get above 80 degrees, every office will feel like an Arctic tundra — especially if you, like a reasonable person, dress appropriately for summer. So here are five lightweight jackets you need to stay warm indoors.


Linen-Blend Hopsack Sid Mashburn Sport Coat

A hopsack sport coat from Sid Mashburn, half-lined so your body breathe, but also trapping much needed heat as you point out the total and absolute aberration of setting the thermostat at 60 degrees. No human being should have to endure such senseless indoor temperatures at work, as it’s too hot outside to wear a jacket. You, Jimmy from Human Resources, why can’t we figure out an agreeable AC setting that actually suits how everyone dresses this time of year?


Chimala’s Washed Denim Chore Coat

Layered over a basic tee or camp-collar button up, Chimala’s box-cut chore coat can be a great way to frame your outfit. It’ll also remind you of the cruel injustice you have to endure in this capitalist system that demands your exchange of labor for money, forcing you to choose between gnawing hunger or this ten-hour chill. Uncomfortable workers of the world unite!


Technical Nylon Qasimi Cagoule

This technical nylon cagoule from Qasimi is a whooping $600, but that pales in comparison to the amount of money you’ll lose if you quit your job because Jimmy refuses to address the absurd temperatures in this workplace. The snap-button, angled pocket can also hold snacks as you try to raise your metabolism to offset these senseless AC conditions you’re certain no one enjoys.


3sixteen x Schott Double Rider

A little thicker and heavier, 3sixteen’s double rider collab with American manufacturer Schott is not only warmer than the options above, but it also represents the toxic masculinity that prevents you from seeking remedy with Jimmy’s superiors. Wear this black hellscape leather jacket over a white tee as you wonder why is it so unreasonable for men to ask for more comfortable AC settings. You’re pretty sure your female co-workers are also cold, as they all bring sweaters to work.


Nigel Cabourn Everest Parka

Finally, for vegans who are anemic from not eating meat, Nigel Cabourn’s down filled, wool-and-fur trimmed Everest parka will keep you warmer than anything else on the market. Layer this over a thick, brushed cotton flannel shirt; chunky submariner sweater; and fully buttoned-up, thornproof tweed hunting jacket. Because that’s about how much you’ll need to wear when people blast the AC as though everyone just came in from the heat and haven’t been in this cold building for the ten or twelve hours required of them in the New Economy.