Five Terrific Fourth Of July Sales

July 4, 2020

Tomorrow is the Fourth of July, which is Independence Day in the United States. Between the celebratory promotions and end-of-season sales, there are a ton of great deals if you’re looking to do some online shopping. From shirts to trousers to casualwear, here are some sale sections we think are notable:

Proper Cloth: Up to 40% Off Select Shirts

There’s a lot to like about Proper Cloth (a sponsor on this site, but a company I genuinely recommend). As an online custom shirtmaker, they have an impressive selection of fabrics from many of the world’s top mills (options range from formal to casual). Their “Soft Ivy” button-down collar is one of the best I’ve seen. Most importantly, they consistently get the fit right, even while making shirts for people remotely. You can read reviews of their shirts at Menswear Musings and From Squalor to Baller (Menswear Musings also has a smartly written buyer’s guide).

Buying from Proper Cloth takes some up-front investment. You have to take the time to punch in the measurements of either your body or your best-fitting shirt. Once you get your Proper Cloth shirt, you’ll want to wear it for a while. If it doesn’t fit right, Proper Cloth offers a free remake on all first-time orders, which allows you to home-in on that perfect fit. This process takes some patience and time. However, once you have your pattern down, ordering a new shirt requires just a few clicks of a button — a much easier process than shopping ready-to-wear. In the end, you’ll have a better fitting shirt wardrobe.

This weekend, a small selection of shirt fabrics are on sale at 40% off. Included are some shadow plaids ($70), floral prints ($90), and pique cotton stripes ($95). The fabrics stray from what you’d call your “basics,” but they’re still easily wearable. If you’re willing to pay full price, I recommend their American Pima oxford in light bluevarious end-on-end weaves, and anything labeled “slub” (especially the Japanese slub chambrays). The Japanese chambray starts off a bit scratchy, but it softens after a few washes. Saturated, inky blues like this are a good way to visually anchor a sport coat outfit when you’re not wearing a tie


Dapper Classics: Up to 25% Off Depending On How Much You Spend

Dapper Classics, a sponsor on this site, is one of the few places where you can get quality trousers at a relatively affordable price. Most trousers around $100 aren’t very well-made, and high-end pants commonly reach upwards of $400. Dapper Classics sit somewhere in the middle of that spectrum — $200-ish for made-in-NYC pants constructed from the same fabrics used by bespoke tailors. Their trousers come with a rear-split waistband, fully curtained lining, and unfinished hem so you get them finished however you’d like. They’re also a solid mid-rise with a slim leg line. 

This weekend, the company is celebrating its eighth anniversary by offering customers a discount. From now until July 5th, you can take 20% off all orders over $75 with the checkout code 8A20, or 25% off orders over $125 with the code 8A25. That puts staples such as the beige chinos at $116tan tropical wool trousers at $180, and grey flannel trousers at $196. Dapper Classics also has patriotic flag socks (with a pattern that’s been woven, not screen printed). I’ve been wearing a pair since it’s an election year.


American Trench: 20% Off Sitewide, Code FIREWORKS

American Trench’s Kennedy socks are weirdly comfortable. They’re built with what hosiery knitters call a “sandwich terry,” which sounds like a cool deli option, but is actually a reference to the looped cotton yarns on the inside of the sock. These looped yarns look like the surface of your towel. They provide cushioning and wicking properties, which keep your feet feeling dry and comfortable. For their Supima cotton Kennedy socks, American Trench has the terry on just the bottom half of the sock, so your feet don’t overheat. I mostly wear mine with boots and sneakers, but they’re also oddly satisfying to wear around the house. The cushioning makes them feel so comfy.

If you search American Trench’s website for the word cushioned, you can pull up other options with this detail. My favorites are the striped Kennedys, which are available as a single pair for $12.50 or as a two-pack for $20 (knock 20% off with this weekend’s promotion). You can also hear American Trench co-founder Jacob Hurowitz explain the sandwich terry construction at YouTube.



Canoe Club: Up to 50% Seasonal Sale

In the last few years, as guys feel more comfortable mixing different aesthetic genres, stores have become more eclectic. One of my favorite shops, in this regard, is Canoe Club, which is a small retailer located at the base of the Rocky Mountains. When I interviewed store co-founder Timothy Grindle a few years ago, he said that he doesn’t want Canoe Club to be pigeonholed. “So many stores feel like they have to be defined. If it’s a workwear shop, it’s all Red Wing and raw denim. If it’s a fashion store, it’s all fashion. If it’s streetwear, it’s all streetwear. But if you look at how people actually dress, a guy can be wearing a pair of Nikes with a raw denim jacket and some vintage cords. Some people really stay in one lane, but most people shop eclectically.” Canoe Club has a tightly edited look that can be vaguely described as “heritage style,” but they also have an eclectic mix that spans everything from workwear to streetwear, new designer clothing to vintage gear.

In their sale section right now, you can find navy Monitaly trucker jackets ($183), Gitman Brothers madras shirts ($103), cream-colored LVC sweatshirts ($83), textured Harmony knits ($93), Universal Works terrycloth polo ($64), and a Harmony topcoat ($326). I’ve been mostly considering the retro-styled knits from Beams Plus and Barena, which our writer Daniel Penny covered a couple of months ago. StyleForum poster MeatFish looks terrific in his, although I admit I’m not sure I’m handsome enough to pull off the same style. Maybe I should stick to more basic retro pieces, such as this seafoam green chambray shirt from Big Yank ($193).



No Man Walks Alone: Up to 40% Off Seasonal Items

No Man Walks Alone founder Greg Lellouche has some of the best taste of anyone I know. He has an exceptional eye for tailoring but also knows his way around casualwear. For guys looking to build a balanced, but also interesting, wardrobe, it would be hard to do better than by setting aside some money every season and just spending it at this store. They carry Italian tailoring, Japanese workwear, and obscure contemporary brands. The styles here always feel relevant without being overly trendy.

This past week, they started their end-of-season promotion, where you can find select items discounted by as much as 40%. Among my favorites are the Aurland penny loafers ($284), which can be worn with jeans or tailored trousers. They also have Chamula huaraches ($100) and De Bonne Facture fisherman sandals ($184). Inis Meain’s linen sweaters ($236) are a bit of specialty item, but suitable for chilly spring nights and warm fall days. I can imagine one of those looking very good under this season’s Ikiji safari jacket ($540), Valstarino bomber ($409), or Blue Blue Japan sashiko chore coat ($439). 

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