Every Black Friday Sale Worth Seeing

November 29, 2019

Every year, we round up the best Black Friday sales for our readers. The system is pretty simple. From now until the end of Monday, we’ll update this list with new sales as we hear of them. New sale listings will be italicized so you know what’s new. There will also be a timestamp at the end of this post, so you know when it was last updated. Check back every few hours if you want to stay on top of this year’s Black Friday/ Cyber Monday promotions.

Before we dive into it, don’t forget about our sponsors. Proper Cloth is offering up to 40% off select shirt fabrics, as well as free shipping. Choose a fabric you like and then design your own custom-fit shirt (there are some handsome plaids in there). Dapper Classics is also offering a 25% discount on orders over $100 with the checkout code SHOP. The promotion applies to their popular trousers and socks, which are among the best deals anywhere even at full retail. Lastly, Rowing Blazers is offering a 20% discount with the checkout code THANKYOU. The code works on their dad caps and rugbies (I like the dad rugbies)

Last Update: Saturday, November 30th at 3:56 PM PST

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