The New Suits Of The England National Soccer Team

May 21, 2010

The new suits of the England national soccer team

Josh sent along this link to the new suits of the England national soccer team, by the department store Marks & Spencer.  It’s a simple, very contemporary (they claim it’s “timeless,” but these suits will scream 2009 in five years), very good-looking kit.  Makes me wish I had a good reason to wear something with a crest on it.

The one thing I’d criticize about the looks are the ties.  I’d vastly prefer twill or grenadine to satin, just to get a little bit of texture into a monochromatic look.  Looking at the styling for the shoot, I’d also prefer better tie knots – I think a four-in-hand would be much more at home with these slim lapels than the monstrosities on these guys’ necks, and I’d like to see some dimples.  The shirts are also an unusual choice – I think they’re fine in the context of a uniform, but I wouldn’t choose this color very often otherwise.

Still, it reminds us that most men look great in a suit that fits, even a relatively inexpensive one.