EBay Roundup

June 25, 2013

eBay Roundup

Jesse and our friend the RJ cat have their own auctions going on this week. You can see Jesse’s here and the RJcat’s here. I’m also selling a some canvas tote bag by The Hudson’s Bay Company, which I picked up on my last trip to Canada. I think they’d make for a nice beach tote this summer, or maybe just to lug groceries home with. I’m selling each for just $30, with free shipping within the US (international is $3). 

As usual, if you don’t see anything here that strikes your interest, try using our customized search links. We’ve have them for high-end suitsgood suitshigh-quality shirts and fine footwear

Sweaters and knits
Shirts and pants
Bags, briefcases, and wallets

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