EBay Roundup

May 16, 2014

eBay Roundup

I’m so, so disappointed this Ten C short parka isn’t in my size. Ten C is an Italian outerwear company designed by Alessandro Pugetti and Paul Harvey, both of whom have amazing pedigrees. Pugetti worked on CP Company for nine years, and today does Esemplare, while Harvey worked for Stone Island for thirteen years. These guys have done some really interesting work in fashion, while still making things that look classic, rugged, and very wearable. 

This short fishtail parka, for example, was inspired by an early 1950s Korean War parka worn by troops in the US Army. It’s a looser fitting silhouette with a longer back, and can be worn with any of Ten C’s liners (which, from the auction description, seems like you’ll have to buy separate). All of Ten C’s liners can be used in any of their jackets, however, so if you buy one liner, you can use it for any Ten C jackets you own in the future. You can find their liners online at places such as Union and Haven (the second of which is where I stole one of the photos above). You can also see more photos of the jacket at Triads (the place where I took the other photo). Just note that the above photos are of the same jacket model, but in a different fabric. 

What a bummer it’s not in my size. 

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