EBay Roundup

August 7, 2012

eBay Roundup

Despite not being a motorcyclist, or having any tough-guy credentials whatsoever (well, besides being a blogger), I’ve become a really big fan of Belstaff’s Roadmaster jackets. I wear mine on weekends with 3Sixteen jeans, Levis white t-shirts, and Brooks Brothers shell cordovan boots. If it’s a bit chilly, I layer it over a lightweight grey sweatshirt I bought from Onassis. It’s a nice break from the sport coat, dress shirt, and wool trousers I wear to work. 

If you’re interested in the same, many of these items (or their equivalents) can be found on eBay. For example, here’s a Belstaff Roadmaster, pair of Alden shell cordovan boots, and some Levis 1947 501s. You can also pick up a pretty decent grey sweatshirt from Uniqlo through Suddenlee (read this to learn how to use Suddenlee). Uniqlo sells the item for $30. 

The Barney’s location in San Francisco also sells Belstaff Roadmasters for $360. They’re planning to ship the remaining inventory to their warehouse, however, so if you want one, you should order today or tomorrow. They’d be happy to ship the jacket to anyone outside of San Francisco. 

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