EBay Roundup

February 7, 2023

Put This On is a member of eBay’s Partner Network, which means all of our eBay links are affiliate links. When you click one of our eBay links and purchase something, we earn a small commission from the sale. Our use of eBay affiliate links doesn’t affect our editorial decisions (although we do encourage people to shop secondhand, regardless of whether you shop through our site or somewhere else). The earnings we make through eBay’s affiliate program simply help us pay the bills and keep the lights on.

Twice a week, we round up the best menswear on eBay so that our readers don’t have to. Our roundups include everything from finely tailored clothing to offbeat Japanese workwear. The links below are aimed at helping you build a wardrobe for less than what you’d spend at full retail. For an additional roundup, along with a list of each week’s best sales, subscribe to our Inside Track newsletter.

To find more menswear on eBay, try using our customized search links. We’ve made them so you can quickly home-in on quality suitsexcellent dress shirtsfine footweargood jeans, workwear, contemporary casualwear, nice tiesgreat bags, and well-made sweaters.

Suits, sport coats, and blazers


Sweaters and knits

Shirts and pants


Bags, briefcases, and wallets


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