EBay Round Up

April 6, 2012

eBay Round Up

There are ton of really good items today. The most exciting of them all is perhaps this brown Prince of Wales jacket by Drake’s. It would look fantastic with these grey flannel trouserswhite dress shirtnavy cashmere tie, and brown oxford shoes. The brown check adds a bit of pattern to the ensemble, while everything else is conservative enough to play a supporting role. 

Incidentally, if you’re wondering what the fit on that Drake’s sport coat is like, you can probably get a sense from these photos at The Simply Refined. I don’t know if the model is exactly the same, but Drake’s sport coat line is relatively new, so I assume they don’t have too many different cuts. 

In addition, our friend the RJcat has some auctions up, and I have some listings on eBay and StyleForum. Be sure to check out our sales. You can also search for other good deals using our links for excellent suitsgood suits, and high-end footwear. Happy hunting!

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