Do You Have Any Suggestions For Buying Dressy Men’s Slippers Or House Shoes? I Can’t Decide If I Want Leather, Velvet, Or Something Else.

August 10, 2010

I have a pair of Brooks Brothers’ leather house shoes, and they’re absolutely wonderful.  They’re soft and just grand, one of my favorite pieces of clothing.  They cost a lot at full price, but if you’re near an outlet that carries shoes, I’ve seen them there pretty regularly.  I think I got mine on eBay. 

In terms of velvet slippers, I have a pair from Cole Haan, and the Nike Air is very nice.  I figured that I wouldn’t be likely to resole a pair of velvet slippers, so construction was less of an issue, and I got them cheap.

If you’re looking for something warm, Brooks has a nice pair, and you might also consider LL Bean.