What A Sweater Is

December 22, 2011



I’m doing a holiday special for CBC Radio 3.  It airs on cbcradio3.com on Christmas Day at 5pm Pacific, December 27th at 5am Pacific, and December 31st at 1pm Pacific.  It features stuff like this clip, great moments in sweater history, and sweater talk with Dan Werb of Woodhands and Steve Bays of Hot Hot Heat.  You like?

My friend Dave Shumka has created a brilliant “All-Star Tribute to Sweaters” for CBC Radio 3, which is excerpted above. This is what you should do on Christmas, Canada. Get on that.

“According to Wikipedia, a sweater is ‘a butt sandwich, made out butt chunks, and covered in butt juice. ’ You know what? I think this may have been vandalized.”

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