Dapper Classics To Donate All Sales Tomorrow To Tornado Relief Efforts

December 15, 2021

Like everyone, I’ve been shocked by the photos coming out of the American Midwest and South, where tornados ripped through six states over the weekend, leaving an unimaginable trail of devastation. One of our sponsors, Dapper Classics has been especially moved by what has happened since they’re headquartered in Kentucky, the hardest-hit state. To help, they’re donating all of their sales from tomorrow to Team Western Kentucky Tornado Relief Fund. That means any money you spend on their site tomorrow will go towards Kentucky’s tornado relief efforts. 

Dapper Classics has long championed American manufacturing, even after the craze for American-made products died down. One of the advantages of buying American-made has nothing to do with patriotism and everything to do with value. When you import things from abroad, you have to pay for international shipping and duties — a cost that’s eventually passed on to the customer. This is why Dapper Classics can offer high-end goods at a lower price than some competitors. Rota’s Italian-made trousers retail for about $400; Marcoliani and Brescianci’s Italian-made socks are about $35. Since Dapper Classics makes these items in the US, they retail them for about $200 and $25, respectively. 

There are a few things on their site worth mentioning. First, if you wear tailored clothing, you should have a few pairs of solid navy over-the-calf socks. These stay up on your leg better than mid-calf, and the color navy will go with trousers of any color. After that, consider getting some socks to match your pants — brown socks for brown trousers, gray socks for grey trousers. Then supplement with some cotton socks for summer (they are nothing short of amazing) and some conservatively patterned socks for variety. Nailheadgrenadine, and pin dots are my favorites. 

Finally, don’t forget to check out their trousers, which I think offer the most value in the business. Cut and sewn in Massachusetts, these come with a medium rise and slim-leg line. Their pants won our grey flannel shootout a few years ago. Get them in staple colors and materials, such as mid-gray flannel and tan tropical wool