All I Want For Christmas: John Roderick

December 8, 2009

All I Want For Christmas: John Roderick

Today in our continuing series of style requests from men we like, John Roderick.  Roderick’s the frontman of the Seattle band The Long Winters, and his strapping, flannely, missing-toothed style makes him a darling of lumberjack fetishists everywhere.  In addition to his music, Roderick is the author of “electric aphorisms,” a book of short-form wit.

These custom-made boots are the ultimate, maximum piece of super-excellent boss gear, ever.  If I owned these boots I would just roam the back highways of America on my Triumph, dispensing a kind of rough justice as I searched for a way to forget my past. If I owned these boots I would probably be real quiet and hard to figure out, and waitresses would be intrigued by my solitary nature.  These boots are very expensive, but it wouldn’t matter because my only other clothes would be some dusty denim and a weather-beaten horsehide jacket.”

Eighteen Inch Wesco Boss Engineer Boot

Ultimatum by The Long Winters