Clothes That Will Last A Lifetime Because They’re So Expensive You’re Now Afraid To Wear Them

May 25, 2020

If there’s one thing we’ve always said, it’s that people should buy less, but buy better. If you invest in a quality wardrobe, it will last you for many decades to come. Quality knitwear doesn’t sag or pill; quality shoes will look as good over time as the day you bought them. So if you’re looking to refresh your wardrobe this coming season, consider stretching your wallet a little more. Here are five wardrobe staples that will last you a lifetime because they’re so expensive, you’re now afraid to wear them.



Pristine Luxury Sneakers

Much like lawn parties and ice cream, nothing says summer like a pair of box-fresh white sneakers. Originally released in 2004, Common Projects’ Achilles quickly became an icon in this space because they combine quality craftsmanship with a price tag that somehow exceeds the cost of small consumer electronics. These pristine, optical white, fine leather sneakers are a summer classic and will add to your crippling sense of anxiety as you worry about getting them stained, creased, or in any way ruined. Purchase a pair and leave them in your closet, where they’ll be protected from summer’s outdoor activities.


Fine Rayon Shirts

You probably already know about the virtues of easy-to-wash shirts, such as breezy linens and sturdy oxford button-downs. But why not extend your wardrobe into things that are more challenging to clean? Rayon is soft and silky, feels cool against the skin, and drapes better than the finest of Sea Island Cottons. Made from a mashed-up wool pulp, which has been chemically processed and then extruded from a machine, rayon can only be gently hand-washed. Consider adding this scenic RRL rayon-blend shirt to your wardrobe this summer. It will literally be a permanent addition when you realize you’re too lazy to wash this properly, and you don’t want to ruin this with your disgusting, sweaty body.



The Elevated T-Shirt

Elevate your staples! A good white t-shirt is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing a guy can own. Lady White’s t-shirts are a considerable step-up from your basic Hanes Beefy Tees. They’re tubular knit, made in Los Angeles, and feature a notable pocket made with special bound sewing and an angular shape. They also cost $65. That may sound like a lot until you realize they’ll last a lifetime, as you’ll wear your Hanes Beefy Tees and save these “elevated basics” for those special occasions that never come.



Delicate Designer Knitwear

Christophe Lemaire was once the creative mind behind Hermes’ womenswear collection. These days, the whispery designer heads up his eponymous label, where he combines the minimalism of Helmut Lang with the loose silhouettes of Armani. This season’s throwback polo features dropped shoulder seams, concealed zip closures, and contrast ribbed trims. It’s also made from a beautifully knitted, grenadine-esque cotton jersey, which is just loose enough to snag on stray branches, a cat’s claws, or your jaggedy bitten fingernails. The good news is that it never will! You bought something you have no business buying, so now it will never see the light of day.



Artisanally Distressed Workwear

As a small-batch workwear label, Chimala garnered a loyal following with thier specialty washes and artisanal hand-distressing. Every fade-spot, repaired hole, whisker, and wrinkle makes Chimala’s garments look like the best thing you could have pulled from a vintage archive. While their beautifully faded chambray shirts are expensive, they are built to last, as you’ll pour over ever finely executed detail and decide you don’t want to accidentally stain your pre-stained workwear. So into the dresser drawer it goes until you take it out to make sure it doesn’t have any moth holes.

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