Casual Tailoring For Summer

June 18, 2015

Casual Tailoring for Summer

Classic men’s clothing is so full of rules, but sometimes you just have to dress by your eye. George in Beijing (who’s also known as maomao on StyleForum) is wearing a hodgepodge of things here that would rankle many traditionalists. The grey linen suit – which is an odd color for linen – is paired with a navy t-shirt, white canvas sneakers, and (gasp!) even a bracelet. Not terrible traditional all around, and yet – he looks great. 

I also really like the cut of his suit. The three-two roll, single-breasted jacket is refreshingly full and long by today’s standards, but rather than look sloppy or old-fashioned, it feels young and rakish (possibly because it’s teamed with a pair of slim, flat-front pants). Additionally, the straight-cut, slightly wider lapels, along with the extended shoulders and full chest, give George a sort of panache that’s uncommon these days. More 1980s Armani than 2015 Pitti Uomo. 

Incidentally, George just opened a high-end Italian menswear shop in Beijing called BRIO (Italian for verve or spirit). He carries labels such as Sartoria Formosa, Liverano & Liverano, Valstar, EG Cappelli, and Stefano Bemer. Worth stopping by if you’re in the area. 

(Photo via Beijing1980)

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