H&M – Environmentally Friendly?

April 16, 2016

H&M - environmentally friendly?

“But for H&M to position itself as an environmentally friendly company is simply wrong—which is what makes its new advertisement for World Recycling Week so aggravating. It begins with some doomsday imagery with news broadcasts saying we can be part of the solution of climate change. Then, it continues with three solid minutes of M.I.A. (who has an interesting way of looking at her support of H&M’s campaign) dancing and singing. It ends with text promoting H&M’s new campaign: ‘95 percent of all textiles thrown away worldwide could get a second life. Leave your unwanted garments in any of our +3600 stores. They can be reused or recycled into new textile fibres.’

Again, this is a nice gesture, but if the goal is to get you into their store to recycle and then buy more new clothes, then what’s the point? Who or what is H&M helping besides itself? Isn’t this just greenwashing to sell more pants? It certainly seems that way. If you’re seriously concerned with your footprint—especially when it comes to the clothes you wear—don’t shop at H&M. Go to a thrift store. Buy things that are meant to last for years, not weeks.”

– Matt Miller on H&M’s recycling program, where you can turn in old clothes for a voucher to buy more stuff from H&M