Bury Me With The Lo On

June 23, 2016

Bury Me With the Lo On

For readers who enjoyed our episode on Lo Heads, Victory Journal is coming out with a 264-page hardcover book on the Lo Lifes – the original Brooklyn crew that popularized the wearing of Polo Ralph Lauren in hip hop culture (and subsequently, other youth subcultures as well). 

The book is a collaborative effort between photographer Tom Gould and original ‘Lo Life co-founder (and rapper) Thirstin Howl III. Although there’s already a ton of information online about the collective, as well as a special feature in The Source magazine, nobody has documented Polo collectors like this. Bury Me With the Lo On has never-before-seen archival photos from Thirstin’s personal catalog, recent portraits by Gould, and interviews with Raekwon, Action Bronson, Just Blaze, Lo Life members, and other Polo collectors. 

At $65, the book isn’t cheap, but the photographs above do look great. You can pre-order the book online