Brooks Brothers Clearance Sales

August 1, 2011

Brooks Brothers Clearance Sales

Brooks Brothers has some nice things on clearance right now. There are two items in the inventory that I own and can personally recommend.

The first is a navy and cream plaid flannel shirt, which is on sale for $35. I bought it last year after seeing Jesse blog about it (told you I was a fan of this site). The fit is decently slim, though not as much as Brooks’ oxford cloth button downs in the same cut. It’s a great shirt though for $35. 

The second is a cable sweater made out of Saxxon wool, which is a bit more expensive at $114. “Saxxon wool” is Brooks Brothers’ trademarked term for wool that has been taken from sheep directly descendent from the original Saxxon flock. You can see a charming video about the material here. Practically speaking, I find little difference between Saxxon wool and high-end merino. Still, the material is much better than mid-tier merinos you find in most stores, and certainly better than cotton. I wish the design had thicker cables, like this, but I bought the navy version and I’m excited to throw black suede elbow patches on it. I think the grey version would look equally as good with brown suede patches. 

Both of these items would be great for the coming fall and winter seasons. Wear them with charcoal moleskins, mid-grey flannel trousers, or dark brown corduroys, and you’ll have some nice casual looks ready once summer ends.