Q And Answer: Are Suspenders Acceptable?

December 18, 2009

Q and Answer: Are Suspenders Acceptable?

Lars writes:

So, here’s my question.  I’m interviewing for a medical residency (the bit of education after you graduate medical school) and this requires a suit and a lot of getting up and walking around places.  Now, lets just say I don’t have a flat gut.  I always find that if a wear a belt I’m either constantly adjusting the waist of my pants to have them sit properly or that the belt is so tight its uncomfortable.  Are suspenders (the real ones that button in to your pants on the inside of the waistband) an acceptable solution?  I’ve tried them out and they’re great!  They solve all my problems!  But my girlfriend says they are an abomination unto the Lord and shouldn’t be worn.  What are your thoughts?

I really couldn’t agree with you more, Lars.  I wear suspenders (aka braces) whenever I get the chance for exactly the reasons you just explained.  No more shirt mushrooms!  No more tugging on your waistline!  I love it!

However, let’s go over some ground rules.

  • No clips-ons.  You are not a Mork From Ork, you are a GENTLEMAN.  If the pants don’t have suspender buttons, just wear a belt like a normal person.
  • No novelty suspenders.  Especially ones featuring golfers.  Barf city.  Keep it simple – burgundy, navy, cream, black, etc.
  • When you’re wearing suspenders, you should be wearing a coat, waistcoat or sweater.  Suspenders are like undershirts – they should be functional, but never visible.  (Got that Larry?)

Some pants are designed for suspenders – no belt loops, suspender buttons, and a split waistband that swoops up a bit in the back.  Get those, and you’re good as gold.  But we’re not picky.  We’ll settle for the presence of suspender buttons.

Because suspenders are just that great.