Blue & White Is The New White

July 7, 2016

Blue & White is the New White

I’d fallen into a rut lately. I was only wearing white linen pocket squares. Granted, I was wearing ours, which is a cut above most, with hand-rolled edges and Irish linen, but still. Tasteful, but dull.

Then we sent out our last Gentlemen’s Association shipment, made up of about a dozen styles of vintage Japanese indigo-on-white cotton. What I’ve found is that blue and white is a wonderful replacement for all white in almost any situation. I find that it sometimes is a little bold for an all-earth-tones outfit, but with almost anything else it looks fantastic. It especially sparkles with a blue blazer. And the cotton keeps it from looking too fancy.

I lowered the prices of the squares we’ve got left – they’re all $45 each now. As per always, hand-rolled and cut in our atelier here in LA. Everything from vintage cotton gathered in my world travels. And now: versatility at a bargain price.