Q And Answer: Brass Or Horn Buttons On A Navy Sport Coat?

November 23, 2009

Q and Answer: Brass or Horn Buttons on a Navy Sport Coat?

Jordan writes:

I just bought a navy blue blazer from a thrift store.  The blazer came with old brass buttons that I’ll have to be replace.  Will I be better to replace them with new brass buttons or dark navy blue buttons?

The blue blazer is a classic menswear staple.  It pairs well with almost anything and is appropriate for almost any occasion that doesn’t call for a suit.  That said, the classic brass buttons can look a little fogeyish.  If you’re wearing them to your country club for a soiree, maybe that’s appropriate, but we’re not crazy about the idea.

Navy buttons (as seen on Kenneth, above) are fine, but they can, in some cases, make the coat look like an orphaned suit jacket.  We like a natural bone color, which will go nicely with brown shoes and is pretty neutral.  If you’re a bit more adventurous, a white bone or horn button also looks really cool.

You can find button sets pretty easily (and cheaply) on Ebay or at a local fabric store.  Your tailor or alterationist will likely charge about a dollar a button to switch them out for you.

While you’re on Ebay, by the way, be sure to check out blazer button sets in precious metals (silver and gold!) and for odd clubs and organizations.  You may not belong to the New York Fencing Society, but it might be kind of cool to have thier buttons on your thrift store blazer.