Q And Answer: Recommendable Black Shoes?

November 17, 2009

Q and Answer: Recommendable Black Shoes?

Matt writes:

I must thank your blog for filling a gap in my life I didn’t know existed.  I am now well on my way to dressing like a grown-up.  Due to my new self-awareness I have realized that I don’t own a pair of black shoes.  I also wear sport socks a little too much, but I can easily correct that myself.  With regard to the black shoes though what would you recommend as a good classic style black shoe?

First of all, thank you, Matt, for filling a gap in our lives we didn’t know existed.

As far as black shoes goes, above is the Allen-Edmonds Park Avenue, which as far as we’re concerned is the gold standard of black shoes for the man who has only one pair of black shoes.  It’s not the cheapest shoe in the world (goes for $325 at full price), and it’s not the prettiest shoe in the world (AE shoes tend to lack a certain… sleekness), but this pair of shoes does have its advantages.

To wit:

  • It will never go out of style.  This shoe would have looked perfectly appropriate on your foot in 1920, 1960, 1980 and 1995, and it will look perfectly appropriate today.
  • It will always be appropriate.  Every wedding, funeral, Important Meeting or any other Important Day, you can wear this shoe.  No one will ever think twice about it.
  • It will last forever.  If you’re wearing them for special occasions and conservative meetings, and you care for them, they will literally last your lifetime.  It can be resoled and recrafted easily by Allen Edmonds or an independent shop.
  • It is made in God’s United States of America.  So you won’t be giving away any jobs to THE JAPANESE or whatever.  (Note: second sentence intended ironically)