International Waters

March 20, 2012

International Waters

As many readers already know, when I’m not blogging and making videos here at Put This On, I’m the host of the public radio show Bullseye and the proprietor of, a podcasting network where I work with John Hodgman, among other brilliantly hilarious people.

Our new project at Maximum Fun is a comedy game show called International Waters. It’s a pop-culture quiz that pits two teams of comedians against each other – one in the US, and one in the UK. The questions are real, but they’re also an excuse for the comedians to be funny.

We just released our pilot episode, which features the brilliantly hilarious Paul Scheer and Janet Varney repping the States, with Tom Parry and the amazing standup Josie Long representing the UK. Our special guest was Rian Johnson, the director of Brick, The Brothers Bloom and the upcoming Looper.

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