Are These “Strolling Shoes” Or “Grandpa Shoes”?

December 7, 2014

Are These “Strolling Shoes” or “Grandpa Shoes”?

As some PTO readers might know, I serve as the bailiff in the podcast court of Judge John Hodgman. If you’ve never heard the show, imagine a wise, funny version of The People’s Court or Judge Judy.

This week’s case, “Cease and De-Thrift,” is between a man and his girlfriend. She says he only buys his clothes at thrift stores, and is resolutely anti-aesthetic in his choices. He admits as much, but objects to her calling his (thrifted) sneakers “grandpa shoes” whenever someone who comes over to the house sees them. He thinks his clothes buying policy – which involves buying only the softest clothes available, by feel, at the thrift store – is perfectly reasonable, not to mention economical.

As always, Judge Hodgman’s ruling on the matter is sensitive and thoughtful. And hilarious.

You can listen to the case online here, or grab it free in iTunes here.