An Armoury Sample Sale For The Masses

March 20, 2022

A few months ago, The Armoury held a sample sale in New York City. They do this once every few years to clear out unsold stock and samples, but like most sample sales, these are specific to a locale. Historically, if you were not located in or around New York City, you didn’t have access to these deals. 

Well, our friend and sponsor Matthew at LuxeSwap went to the sample sale and picked up hundreds — we mean hundreds — of items to auction off on eBay. Matthew tells us he just listed about 150 new Armoury items, and will be doing drops of about 50 each week for the next six or seven weeks. For people who live outside of New York City, this is your chance to get some amazing tailored clothing and dress shoes at never-seen-before prices.

There are a few ways to tackle LuxeSwap’s inventory. The first is to search for the term #1 Menswear, an ongoing tag that Matthew uses to highlight his best stock. However, this will bring up everything he thinks is good, not just stuff from The Armoury. Alternatively, and most obviously, you can search for the term “The Armoury.” However, this will not bring up things related to The Armoury, but not explicitly tagged so. My feeling is that it’s better to search for specific brands, such as Ring JacketCoherenceAscot ChangCarminaOrazio Luciano, and yes, The Armoury

Some notables? I love the collection of Armoury shoes, especially the tastefully designed loafers and split-toe derbiesCoherence makes tremendous outerwear with all of the drama and verve of old-school raincoats but rendered in modern, technical fabrics. Armoury co-founder Mark Cho has a YouTube video showing how the Ruiz looks when worn (the Ruiz is also part of the auction lot). And most of all, I love The Armoury’s in-house line of suits and sport coats. Made by Ring Jacket in Japan, these are all cut from The Armoury’s exclusive patterns. All models are good, but my favorite is the Model 3, which has an extended shoulder line and fuller chest, giving the wearer a more flattering v-shaped figure. All of The Armoury’s tailoring is fully canvassed, and the Ring Jacket line is made without any padding, so the shoulder is as natural as can be.

As usual, you will want to double-check sizing and measurements, as these are eBay auctions, and everything is final sale. Lastly, remember that new stock goes up every Thursday evening and these ten-day auctions end on Sundays. 

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