Francesco Maglia

April 20, 2011

Francesco Maglia

About two months ago, I wrote about Francesco Maglia, a bespoke umbrella maker based out of Milan. After my post, a few people sent me messages asking if I had suggestions for more affordable options. Buying a $700-1,000 umbrella isn’t practical for most people, after all. So, I wrote this piece, which covered four different umbrellas at various price tiers, and I thought it was received with some success. 

A month after I wrote that round up, I came across a Totes umbrella at a local boutique. It was $16, full-sized, and looked handsome enough. I already have four umbrellas, but I decided to purchase this Totes just so I could write about whether there was a good $16 option to be had. 

So for the past month, I’ve been using this Totes, and I can say – it’s surprisingly good. At $16, most of the options you’ll find are crappy, compact umbrellas that neither cover very much of you or last for very long. This Totes, on the other hand, is big enough to cover your back and sturdy enough to last a few seasons. 

Belt Outlet is selling it for $14.40. Punch in belt10 for a 10% off discount, and with shipping, the total will be $17.  Now, I still think the upper tier umbrellas I wrote about in my original round up are better. If you live in a very windy area, I recommend you opt for one of those instead. However, if you’re not suffering through high winds, or if you’re prone to constantly losing things, this $17 Totes might be your best option. 

If you decide to get one, read this article by The Armoury on how to properly furl a full-sized umbrella. Doing it the right way will not only help keep your umbrella intact, but also look infinitely better.

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