A Women’s Pajama Shirt For Men

August 25, 2011

A women’s pajama shirt for men

A toast to our friends at Gilt Groupe and Band of Outsiders for this amazing product offering: a women’s pajama shirt for men. As you can see, it’s a perfect pairing for chinos whenever you’re looking for that, “I just rolled out of bed, and I wear women’s loungewear in public” aesthetic. (You can tell it’s a women’s shirt, by the way, because the buttons are on the left side of the garment.)

The price, if you’re wondering, is $99. Before you say: “isn’t that kind of a lot for a women’s pajama shirt being sold to men without the pajama bottoms?” just remember that the “Original Price” was $200. So really, this is a bargain. In my mind, the only true question is: how did this not sell at retail?!

So: if you’re tired of going to Bergdorf’s or Wilkes Bashford for your women’s pajama shirts, or paying through the nose for custom women’s pajama shirts from Ascot Chang or Turnbull & Asser, here’s an affordable alternative.

Five stars!

(Thanks, Trey)