A Fashion And Media Mogul’s Work Is Never Done

September 30, 2012

A fashion and media mogul’s work is never done

A fashion and media mogul’s work is never done, so I spent my Sunday morning at the Pickwick Gardens Vintage Fashion & Textile Show. It’s a quarterly operation that’s held in an odd part of Burbank where the streets are populated mostly by people on horseback. (And that’s true. Southern California is weird.)

I was out looking for fabric for the Put This On Gentlemen’s Association – I’m working on getting together enough rayon from the 30s-50s to do a run of that stuff, and I picked up a pile of vintage cotton madras as well. The show’s mostly clothes, though.

I grabbed an old rayon scarf – another to add to a collection that Southern California doesn’t allow me to wear. I visited a jewelry dealer who’d sold me something nice for the Mrs. last time. I stopped into the booths with decent menswear selections, and visited Allyn Scura Eyewear to thank him for a pair of shades I bought. A pleasant time was had by all, and I was back in time to grab tacos for the family for lunch.

Wherever you are, there’s likely a regional vintage clothing show. Only a few – like Inspiration in LA – focus on menswear, but there’s usually a fair amount no matter where you go. And of course if you bring a pretty girl, she might go home with something nice. Google around, or just ask a clothing dealer at your local flea market – they’ll know which are the good ones.

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